Sharing Maize

October 2019

Sharing maize

The Community field at Thondwe

Sharing Maize.

In March 2019 Cyclone Idai came through Malawi destroying buildings whilst crops and top soil were stripped by flooding. Food stores were low going into the rainy months – particularly at the local Primary School which aims to give its learners one porridge meal a day.

The school has its own field to grow maize for porridge, the children and the community help plant, grow and harvest. We spoke to a Mary’s Meals coordinator and found that the location of the school means that it is unlikely to get meals from the charity so we decided to act. Co-ordinating with the local Thondwe community we found that their church field (bought by Innerleithen-Walkerburn-Traqauir partners) had sufficient maize stored to allow us to buy some for Mpata school. The maize arrived a day before the heavy rains commenced.

The school kitchen was destroyed in cyclone Idai. Funding ensured the construction of a new kitchen where local villagers take it in turns to make the porridge for learners.

Donations welcome for Mpata School Learning

We are now working with advice from Emmanuel International to help the Luwatala community repair a dam and irrigation system that will allow increased production of crops. Meanwhile the Thondwe Church Field has used the money from the maize sale to Luwatala to buy good seedlings and fertiliser. They hope to harvest a good crop this year.

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