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Girls often drop out of education in Malawi and miss days at school as they cannot manage their periods with dignity.

Working with Thondwe Girls Project money was raised through selling cards and donations to buy 24 reusable menstrual hygiene kits for some of the girls in Luwatala. Some are at secondary school, the rest at primary.

We asked – what are the challenges for education for girls in Luwatala. This young lady explains “Lack of books, need help from parents and secondary school is 20km walk away”

As primary school leaving certificate exams approach students at Mpata Primary have been unable to study. Schools were shut in March due to Covid-19. With no internet or radio to learn they would be assessed against urban youngsters for a secondary school place. By selling books here we were able to allow Mpata to buy text books so students could study from home (school only has a few books). Good luck to the young people at Mpata as they return to school to sit exams.

Mpata Primary school has almost 400 students, no electricity and hardly any resources for learning.

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